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Non-duality. What are you searching for?

There is this thing. It‘s not really a thing, but there is also no word, that can really contain or transport an idea of it. For now, let‘s just say „thing“.

So, the „thing“ that this text is pointing to cannot be understood or mentally digested in any way. There is no way to know what „this“ is. Fun fact, it‘s absotely futile to write a text about „this“. There can never be a text that can make you understand „this“. But hey, let‘s have some fun and try it anyway.

Don‘t believe any word of this text!

This text is not for your mind. It is not for your brain. It is not meant to be consumed by the mind, than judged to be correct or incorrect and eventually believed or not believed in.

This text is not even for you!

This text is something else. It’s pointing to something, that is already seeing through the illusion of you being someone.

„I“ is an illusion, that is absolutely sure, that it is real.
„I“ is the dreamer and the dream at the same time.
„I“ is energy.
„I“ is searching energy.
„I“ is searching-energy.
„I“ is the search for the „I“.
„I“ is searching for something, that answers those compulsively arising questsions. „Who am I?“, „What is reality?“, „Why is this happening?“

„I“ is the certainty, that there is a potential experience in a potential future that is better than the experience in this present moment right now. „I“ is searching for answers that will hopefully transform the immediate and incomplete experience into absolute completeness and wholeness. The rewards that the „I“ is hoping for are fulfillment, peace and happiness.

„I“ energy is appearing as the certainty that what happenes right now is not enough.

„I“ is energy, appearing as thoughts and mental constructs like memories and stories of a person who is in control of it‘s life and needs to finally get it right. Appearing as the visual experience of a human face and a human body. Appearing as the bodily experience of a human body.

The „I“ energy is searching-energy appearing as questions about the true nature of the self. It’s appearing as a human body meditating or doing yoga. Reading books about spirituality. Watching Videos about non-duality.

The „I“ energy is distracting from „this“ by using up the space – there is no space in „this“, but again, in lack of any suitable words, let‘s say it‘s using up the space – that is needed for the realization of „this“.

The „I“ energy is masking the experience of this present moment. It‘s distorting this present moment with it‘s content. By searching, this present moment is overlooked.

But no need to feel bad about it. It‘s just wholeness appearing as the overlooking of itself by searching for itself. Hey, why not. Sounds like fun. 😀

Ok, enough of „I“.

What is „this“? What is this thing that is no thing and cannot be spoken or written about? What is this mystery?

„This“ is appearing as the human experience.
„This“ is appearing as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, thinking.
„This“ is wholeness appearing as an illusory „I“, searching for answers by reading and trying to make sense of these words.
„This“ is wholeness appearing as everything and nothing. 
„This“ is already wholeness. Everything is whole. Wholeness is everything.
„This“ is already complete.
„This“ is already fulfilled.
„This“ is already.

Remember, „this“ has nothing to do with you or me or anyone else. There is already no one reading these words.

At some point, it can happen that wholeness stops appearing as „I“ energy.

Sometimes wholeness appears as this present moment. It appears as it is, but without the „I“ energy. The searching-energy stops.

This is the moment, when wholeness sees through the illusion of an individual. It sees through the illusion of a separately existing person, who is detached and disconnected from everything else. It‘s the realization, that „I“ was always a dream. It never existed. Never.

„I“ was never.
„This“ is now.
„This“ is always.

There is no one sitting in the control center, observing, pushing levers and buttons.

There is no thinker.
There is no decision maker.
There is no doer.
There is no observer.
There is no detached entity consuming this reality in any way.

There is no perspective in „this“.

„This“ is the creator and the creation at the same time.
„This“ is the creator without any control of his creation.
„This“ is chaos.
„This“ is freedom.

The realization of „this“ is not lived through or consumed by an „I“. No one experiences that. Ever. No one did and no one will ever do.

You will never realize „this“.

It‘s not possible to get closer to „this“. It‘s not possible to get closer to oneness.

Not with meditation.
Not with yoga.
Not with psychotherapy.
Not with drugs.
Not with words.
Not with thoughts.
Not with deeds.
Not with anything.

Without any separation, there is no distance to „this“. Trying to find it, is already it.

„This“ is wholeness appearing as the trying to find itself.

It doesn‘t have any crack. It‘s not wrong in any way. It’s absolutely not possible to fix anything about „this“ because it is the absolute absence of damage or brokenness. „This“ is incapable of being defective or incomplete. „This“ is flawless.

This is no-thing appearing as ever-thing without any (need for a) purpose or reason.

This is un-conditional love.

This is un-conditional.

This is it.


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